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What Differentiates us from the Rest?

We possess a unique insight into the job market supported by many comprehensive studies and analyses. During our twenty years of experience we have gained innumerable contacts with many of Poland's leading companies.

We listen, trying to understand the needs of our clients, the economic environment of their activities, their long-term goals and work place conditions. All of these factors form the basis for choosing the strategy in our search for the best candidate.

We value the time of our clients through stringent preparation and adhering to strict time limits we set together with our clients.

We are quick but scrupulous. We are ethical, complying with the principles of conduct, which guarantee the interests and privacy of our clients as well as private individuals.

Our client-firm contacts are built on long-term relationships, which guarantee the elimination of risk and provide our client with the best possible solutions to the task undertaken by us. We understand the importance that "chemistry" plays in the relationship between employer and employee.

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