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Business Ethics

In our business we are true to the so-called principle of "restraints". This means that we do not abuse or take advantage of the confidential information given to us by one client for the benefit of another client.

We always abide by the ethical code of conduct, in which we genuinely care about the interests of our clients as well as private individuals. The code of conduct complies with the current law. During the gathering, storage and presentation of information we meet all the necessary conditions and statutes of confidentiality as required by law.

In addition, we require our clients, to whom we provide information while working on an assignment, to act with the same foresight and caution and abide by the same rules of confidentiality.

Szostek & Partners is a recruiting firm which believes in equal rights in the workplace. In our work we search, evaluate and present potential candidates without any kind of discriminatory practices.

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