Comprehensive search and recruitment services

We are provider of full-service staffing solutions to a broad range of Clients throughout Poland. We can assist you with your specific staffing needs in these key areas:

Search and Selection Process:

We use a proven, comprehensive strategy to secure the best talent.


We offer discreet search services to protect your company's confidentiality.

Compatibility Assessment:

To avoid costly hiring mistakes we offer compatibility assessments.

Project Outsourcing:

We can create project teams nationwide for large staffing assignments.

Executive Search

Executive Search - is defined as a service used to find a Candidate for a managerial position or an independent specialist at the request of a firm. This method depends on actively determining potential Candidates who are not themselves actively seeking employment yet occupy parallel or very similar positions to that of the vacancy. This enables us to pinpoint the best potential Candidates who will fulfil the demands of the employer.

Selection through advertisement

This type of selection is used in situations where there are many varied positions which would make it more difficult to attain the desired goal via direct recruiting.

SLC (Strategic Leadership Counsel)

SLC (strategic leadership counsel) or strategic counselling: our services go beyond the placement of suitable Candidates. We offer not only strategic counsel and appraisal of the management team in our Client's organisation but also the competitor's management team. We assist our Client's management team in choosing suitable procedures and strategies. Our services extend well beyond executive search to include a full range of Client offers, including strategic assessments of your - or the competition's - management team, counsel on governance best practices and responsive online recruitment.