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Dear Sirs

I am very proud that during the last thirty years, an extremely important period in the job market in Poland, we have played a significant role in providing our knowledge and expertise to our Clients. We were there to provide support to those who came new to the market, as well as those who were restructuring in order to adapt to the new Polish reality.

With full sincerity, I can assure you that our firm Szostek & Partners possess a unique and thorough knowledge of the Polish and international job market. We are the oldest personnel-consulting firm in Poland which relies on the expertise gained in the service for the most reputable international corporations.

I believe that the key to success in this very specific area of business is mutual trust and the guarantee of confidentiality between partners. In our work we try to get to know and understand our Clients and their needs as fully and accurately as possible.

This means we are good listeners! Without which we would not be in the position to maintain the long-term relations we enjoy with our Clients. It is obvious that only when we become their partners, to the point that we almost assimilate ourselves with our Client's company structure, can we provide them with the very best personnel solutions. We know what we are doing. I am proud to head a team of experienced professionals who will recruit the very best talent for all the positions within your firm. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are anxious to meet you and talk about what we can do for you and your company.

With kind regards,

Urszula Szostek

Managing Director